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Company Introduction

Tianrui Cement Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Tianrui Cement" or "company") is subordinate to China Tianrui Group Cement Co., Ltd.(Stock Code:1252. HK) listed in Hong Kong, founded in 2000, mainly engaged inlimestone mining and utilization, production and sales of clinker, cement, building aggregateam8亚美客户端 and other building materials products. The company is a leading producer of clinker and cement in Henan and Liaoning Province, and is one of the 12 large national cement enterprises (groups) supported by the government.

The company's business is mainly distributed in Henan, Liaoning, Anhui, Tianjin and other provinces and cities, It has 22 clinker production lines and 62 cement grinding production lines,with a total annual production capacity of about 35.19 million tones of clinker and 57.8 million tones of cement ,which is in the forefront of the countryam8亚美客户端. Zhengzhou Xingyang clinker production line, which is completed and put into production in 2009, the daily production capacity exceed 12000 tons, leading the world.

The company has obvious location advantages. For the central market, covering the core area of the national "Central Plains Urban Agglomeration "with a population of 158 million in 30 cities of 5 provinces, with the national central city of Zhengzhou as the core, the national railway, high-speed trunk line “double cross” hub and high-speed rail “meter-shaped” hub blessing,the main business covering the main areas of the urban agglomeration in a “network”; For the northeast market, along both sides of Shenyang and Dalian, the major cities of Liaoning Province, the layout of large production lines covers the main market areas of Liaoning Province in a "winglike" shape, and the Tianjin production line echoes with it, forms the market layout of "theBohai Bay Rim".

The company focuses on building the "Tianrui" brand, its series of products are widely used in South-to-North Water Transfer Project, Ha’erbin-Dalian High-Speed Railway, Shijiazhuang-Wuhan High-Speed Railway , Zhengzhou-Xuzhou High-Speed Railway, Zhengzhou-Wanzhou High-Speed Railway, Beijing-Hong Kong-MacaoExpress way, Lianyungang-Huoerguosi Express way, Yellow River Bridge, Dalian Port etc.large-scale water conservancy project, high-speed railway, express way, bridge, tunnel, port and other national key projects, It is trusted and praised by all the construction supervision institutions.

The company pays attention to the progress of science and technology, and actively promotes the transformation and upgrading of enterprises from "traditional manufacturing" to "digital cement" and then to "intelligent manufacturing ". Taking thecentralized dispatching management system as the center, taking the deep integration of informatization and industrial automation as the handle, relying on the Tianrui unattended system with independent intellectual property rights and the latest Internet technology, we can gradually realize the real-time data collection, intelligent analysis and intelligent management of production, quality, mining, energy and logistics etc. and build theindustrial internet cloud platform.

The company attaches great importance to corporate social responsibility and constantly strengthens environmental protection, safety production and occupational health management. Long-term promotion of environmental protection facilities transformation,co-processing in cement kiln, comprehensive utilization of resources and other environmental protection projects, promote "green mines "," green factories" construction, the nitrogen oxides, particulates and sulfur dioxide emissions of the production line are lower than the national pollutant emission limit value. The company is one of the first three cement companies in China to be admitted as a member by the WorldCement Sustainable Development Initiative Action Organization (CSI).

In the future, the company will continue to rely on the policy support of one of the five major cement enterprises in the central region designated by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to seize the strategic opportunities for the rise of the central region and the revitalization of the northeast old industrial base in the new era, relying on its own organic growth and selective acquisition to increase production capacity and market share, improve the industrial Internet platform, promote the transformation from "traditional manufacturing" to "intelligent manufacturing ", implement cleaner production, green development strategy, continuously enhance the overall competitiveness and sustainable development capacity of Tianrui cement, and make greater contributions to economic development and social progress.


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